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Get 100 pages tips & tricks on how to influence customer and employee behavior.

behave _ analytics & behavioral consulting

services we provide
market research & consumer insight
Analyse psychological and practical needs people have regarding your industry with our NEED UX & BRAND UX frameworks. Then test how you and other brands satisfy both of them.
behavior change strategies & designs
Understand customer behavior on all brand touch-points with UX360°. Then drive desired behaviors using designs (product, service, ads) inside consistent behavioral strategy. Because consistency creates loyalty.
management audit & employee growth
Your employees are your crucial customers. So Culture Check Questionnaire (CCQ) gives you insights on employees’ self- perception & perception of your company. That’s the first step for creating the change from inside.

All people behave and your future depends on how they behave.

In “An Essay on Man”, Alexandar Pope wrote: “The proper study of Mankind is Man.” I build tech & analytics to deliver on what good ol’ Pope said.

behavioral boris _ psychologist & founder

You may know me as Behavioral Boris but my real name is Boris Šurija. I’m a Croatia-born globally-bred behavior-obssesed psychologist that collaborated with Stanford, MIT & World Economic Forum. But also with Nike, Scotch & Soda and MasterCard.

Currently, I work actively between Zagreb & Paris, Amsterdam, Kathmandu, San Diego, London. I’m a Global Shaper by World Economic Forum, Davos 2015 participant (what an event) & a freediver. You may reach me at


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